The Best Is Yet To Be

A Letter From the President

Beta Alpha Psi has concluded another notable year in serving the variety of needs and interests of its stakeholders. When selecting this year’s theme, I knew it would be an appropriate statement reflecting the aspirations of many deserving individuals — past, present, and future. At every turn throughout this year, we have been impressed with the considerable efforts contributed at every level within this organization. Your selfless efforts have allowed Beta Alpha Psi to mark another milestone in its progress toward its 100th year anniversary in 2019.

The founders of Beta Alpha Psi would be proud of their creation as it has existed over the decades and exists today. I hope those who follow us will feel we have enhanced the value proposition as delivered to our various constituencies. As a result of the service of many for such a long time, we can marvel at the continuing contributions made to the development of many generations.

Considering the shifting landscapes in the global business community and academia, the board used the annual strategy retreat to map out the future and role of the organization. The annual retreat was extended, and an additional meeting was added to allow time for the strategic planning process. The resulting strategic plan can be summarized in three points. The first is to involve students at earlier points in their academic careers. The second is focusing on our need to recognize the significant contributions our various stakeholders. The third is to deliver more experiential activities in our meetings — annual, regional and chapter. These strategic priorities will guide the direction of the organization for the next three years.

We currently have 11,020 members and are proud to have had six chapter installations. Additionally, there are four petitioning chapters. We have taken steps toward expansion of our international reach with an eye to increasing the number of chapters outside of the United States.

The beauty of service to Beta Alpha Psi is through the selfless sharing of our time we are rewarded with a unique satisfaction.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to serve in this role. We should all strive to leave a legacy for others to build upon at all levels from chapters up to the organization at large.

On behalf of the countless individuals who have benefited from your service, I want to thank you for your contributions. I believe ‘The Best Is Yet To Be’ for this organization and for each of us who strives to fulfill our shared ambition for Beta Alpha Psi.

Merle Hopkins
Board President 2016-2017



We've stepped up to the challenge of positioning Beta Alpha Psi to heighten innovation, engagement, and impact while delivering another year of strong performance. 


We believe in investing in the next generation of financial information and business leaders.  


In light of evolving global business and academic communities, we developed these goals to map out the future and influence of the organization.