2018 BAP Annual Meeting Chapter Operations Sign-up


A vital part of the overall Annual Meeting program is the involvement by chapters as presenters. As a way to best match the program topics and needs with your interests and skills, we are asking those interested in presenting at the 2018 annual meeting to complete the form as soon as possible, but no later than February 2, 2018.

The annual meeting program committee will make every effort to slot every eligible submission. Eligibility will be determined based on timeliness and completeness of the chapter submission. However, given the many constraints of planning the annual meeting we may not be able to accommodate all requested sessions due to scheduling of the Professional Sessions, Best Practices, PRWI, and sessions conducted by the Executive Office. We will notify you of your selected topic and time slot after the last Regional Meeting which is scheduled for April 20 and 21, 2018. We aim to provide all notifications on or before May 4, 2018 confirming your session topic and time slot

2018 Annual Meeting Chapter Operation Session Descriptions:

1. Show me the Money: Creative Fundraising Strategies

Raising funds for chapter activities is a difficult task. This session will allow sharing of your chapter’s practical and effective ideas for raising funds.

2. Staying Connected:  How to keep members active in your chapter

Membership retention is often a bottleneck in most chapters and prevents active involvement. This session will offer helpful suggestions and techniques to maintain members’ activity and participation in on-going chapter operations. 

3. Showing Gratitude: How do you recognize your internal and external stakeholders? 

This session will offer ideas and suggestion on how to show gratitude and recognition to those stakeholders that helps your chapter flourish. Think big and don’t limit yourself to one group of stakeholders. This topic can be broad from donors to on-campus and off-campus supporters. 

4. Officer Candidate School: Workshop for Officers (President (5A)/Treasurer (5B)/Reporter (5C)

Most students are new to their office and have specific questions that could be addressed by others with more experience in that office. We will run three separate sessions targeting these three key positions. Sign up for this session if you are willing to meet with other students and address their questions in a round-table format. These sessions will be give and take sessions as every chapter has something to share and something to learn. These sessions' "abstracts" will need to be constructed differently for chapters ultimately assigned to the session. Further instructions will be provided.

5. Creative Community Service Projects

The focus of this chapter operation is not just to speak to your service events but how those service events bind the chapter more fully with each other and the community that we are serving.   

6. Essential Professional Skills 

The PCA requires chapters to conduct chapter meetings on essential skills. This session will focus on work-force ready skills including how to develop professionalism and foster awareness of critical professionalism skills that extend beyond the basics of resume writing and interviewing. This session will hone on those additional value-add professional skills including but not limited to: international etiquette, change and time management and business writing that will prepare members to succeed throughout their careers. Please see the PCA for further topics. [Insert link to PCA topics]

7. Unleashing Your Alumni Potential    

Alumni are a great resource for candidates and members. They can share recruiting tips, CPA or other exam prep advice, and other guidance on how to navigate professional careers. Share your experience in devising creative ways to engage with your alumni.

8. Wild Card Discussion 

Please send a one paragraph session summary or description similar to those provided for items 1-7.