KPMG Gold Challenge Competition Guidelines

We have enhanced the video content requirements to allow for more flexibility in allowing each chapter to creatively, but professionally demonstrate what makes their chapter a Gold Chapter or convince other top students in universities around the world why they should consider joining BAP.

In prior years, the Gold Chapter was awarded to a consistently superior chapter that is truly extraordinary, takes every opportunity available to go above and beyond and represents members that are innovative and out of the box thinkers. Gold Chapters don’t just roll forward previous year ideas, but take the time needed to address chapter strengths as well as weaknesses and develop a sustainable model for the chapter's continued success. Gold Chapters succeed because they apply the competition requirements as the bare minimum and challenge themselves to create phenomenal and inventive programs for their members and showcase them in engaging and persuasive manner on their videos.  A Gold Chapter has no precise definition, but some of the characteristics of a Gold Chapter are:

  • A Gold Chapter takes every opportunity to consistently go above and beyond the requirements of a Superior Chapter.
  • A Gold Chapter focuses on quality and not just quantity.
  • A Gold Chapter is creative, innovative and Inventive.
  • A Gold Chapter customizes its goals and objectives to meet the specific needs of the chapter.
  • A Gold Chapter always strives to operate the chapter in a way that enhances the chapter making it better or taking it from good to great.
  • A Gold Chapter builds off of its strengths but also recognizes its weaknesses and takes specific actions to turn the weaknesses into strengths.
  • A Gold Chapter recognizes and understands the importance of sustainability through continued attraction of top students into the organization.

This list is not all inclusive and we look forward to seeing how your chapter has defined “Gold” and demonstrated your chapter’s ability to go above and beyond a Superior Chapter.

Video Guidelines

Videos should not exceed 5 minutes in length. Chapters are required to either demonstrate what sets their chapter apart from other superior chapters or create a video that could be used by any chapter around the world to generate increased interest in becoming a member of BAP and hopefully a member of an existing or future Gold Chapter.


Option 1- Prepare a video that describes why your chapter is a Gold Chapter referring to some of the characteristics from above.

Option 2- Prepare a Beta Alpha Psi marketing video that could be used by any school, anywhere in the world that would convince the top students in accounting, finance and information systems to consider joining Beta Alpha Psi. Consider Focusing on what makes BAP different, special, worthwhile or rewarding.  Judges, who are all former BAP Alumni representatives, will be focusing on how well you visually presented your case such that you have convinced them to want to join BAP all over again.

Specifically, videos must include the following:

  1. Chapter introduction (Greek name, chapter number, name/title of the university/college and the BAP region in which the chapter is located).
  2. Brief introduction to the video’s content and a brief summary of the organization of the video.  Actual content should consist of:
    • Video excerpts of actual events (and still pictures) in which the chapter engaged during the immediate past academic year (July 1 to June 1); and
    • Chapter member(s) narration(s) of what is being shown. 
    • More specifically, the content should:
    • Be understandable to someone who has a basic knowledge of BAP and its policies/procedures but has no knowledge about the activities, chapter, university, or location in which the events take place;
    • Demonstrate the quality and breadth of activities that justify the Gold award or the call to action for a student to join BAP; and
    • Identify principal persons, organizations, locations, entities, etc. shown or mentioned in the video.
  3. Closing remarks that summarize why the chapter believes it deserves the award or why a student should want to join BAP. Keep in mind that we are an international organization and so your video and related commentary should be appropriate for a global audience.
  4. Visual and/or verbal credit to those persons and organizations who materially participated in the preparation, filming, editing, narration and production of the video.
  5. “Terms and Use Statement.”  Insert the following statement at the end of the video: “While the Beta Alpha Psi chapter retains ownership of this video, the chapter grants to the competition organizers (BAP) and sponsors (KPMG LLP) an irrevocable license to copy, edit, distribute, display, and make other noncommercial uses they wish at their discretion and in any form or medium.”  

Creative Requirements

  • The content of the video should be conceived, filmed, written, narrated, edited, and produced by BAP members and candidates only. 
  • The video should not contain any music unless the music is an integral part of the event being filmed.
  • If copyrighted material, trademarks, or logos are mentioned or shown in the video, written permission of the owner(s) must be included with the video’s submission.

Technical Requirements

  • University-owned equipment may, with permission, be used to film and edit chapter activities.
  • The entire video may not exceed 5 minutes in duration, excluding the video portion that displays the “Terms and Use” statement.
  • Videos should be uploaded to YouTube under the submitting BAP chapter's YouTube account or the account of someone participating in the video.
  • Videos not uploaded to YouTube will not be reviewed. Please do not send a DVD.
  • The video should be made public or unlisted on YouTube. Do NOT make the video private.
  • The video MUST be able to be embedded, so that it can be posted to our judges web page.
  • The video should be in its final form when the link is submitted per the online form. You may not alter the video once you have submitted the online form. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure the YouTube link works.
  • The only link that will be used to judge the submission is the link provided in the online form. No other links can be submitted for review after the initial submission is made.
  • YouTube videos links should stay active at least one year after submission to allow for judging and public viewing after the award winners are chosen.

Helpful Tips

  • Slide shows consisting of all still pictures or PowerPoint would not be considered a high quality submission;
  • Too much emphasis on testimonials has not been effective in the past in being selected as a Gold winner;
  • Scripted speech-like presentations should be minimal;
  • Focus should be on “innovative” areas, not activities that many other chapters conduct as part of their routine operations;
  • Metrics that support the success of an event or project are encouraged;
  • Focus on how the chapter was impacted by the Gold Chapter activity, idea or concept; and
  • Finally, following the directions of the Gold Chapter Rules, Requirements and considering the Tips is a minimum expectation.

For questions, please contact Lisa Wicker.

Administrative Requirements

  • Chapters may make only one submission.
  • The submission must include a cover letter, YOUTUBE link, permissions from copyright and trademark holders, and a Chapter release form.
  • The cover letter must include:
    • Contact information for the Faculty Advisor at the time of submission;
    • Contact information for at least one student who will be available to answer questions about the video and its content during the June-August period; and
    • Signature of the Faculty Advisor and Chapter President at the time of submission.
  • Submission should be sent via the online form.
  • Submission should include a Gold Challenge Release Form for each member and candidate that participated in the video along with your video submission! Please upload as one PDF file.
  • The submission must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM, EDT on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

Judging and Award Process

  • Submissions will be judged by former student alumni representatives of BAP as well as someone from KPMG. Judging criteria will include:
    • Creativity of concept
    • Execution
    • Compliance with content requirements set forth in this document
    • Compliance with general Ethics & Integrity standards of both KPMG and BAP
  • Announcement of winners will occur during a plenary session at the Annual BAP Meeting being held in August.
  • GRAND PRIZE:  $2,500 per chapter up to a maximum of 10 chapters as determined by the judges.  All decisions of the judges are final. 
  • NOTE: Chapters receiving the Gold Chapter award are not eligible to receive additional funds for their Superior Chapter designation.
  • At least one student from the winning chapter must be present to receive the award.  If no representative is present, the chapter will not be eligible for the award.


  • All entries become the property of KPMG/BAP and will not be returned.
  • By entering this competition, winners consent to KPMG/BAP publishing their names on websites and/or other media.
  • KPMG/BAP will have the right to modify, use, or dispose of all video entries as they see fit without the approval of the entrants.
  • KPMG/BAP will have the right to use all videos submitted for both internal and external use, as deemed appropriate.


For questions, please contact Lisa Wicker or call 919-402-4044.

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