BAP Professional Partner Representative:
TJ Kelly, Manager – Academic & Student Engagement

BAP Professional Partner Association/ State Society: AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

About the AICPA

Founded in 1887, the AICPA helps you enter the CPA profession and stay there, by connecting you to the people and information you need to succeed.

How does the AICPA do it? By advocating on your behalf to regulators, legislators and the general public, letting them know how essential CPAs are to society. It provides continuing education opportunities to make smart accounting professionals even smarter. It launches websites like to provide tips, insight and data to help you reach your CPA destination.

The AICPA also develops and grades the Uniform CPA Examination, so if you’ve taken it – or studied for it – you’ve seen the organization's work. It’s all part of the AICPA's plan to build accountancy’s reputation as a profession of individuals who are educated, ethical, and focused on serving the common good.

Benefits to Becoming a Member of the AICPA:

Becoming an AICPA Student Affiliate is free and gives you access to tools and resources that will help you make the most of your college years. And once you're a CPA, the AICPA will continue to support your journey with technical resources, training, networking opportunities and expert guidance. 

AICPA Student Affiliated members receive:

*The AICPA Student Affiliate membership is available for those who are part time or full time students who have not yet passed the CPA Exam.\

How to Become a Member/Student Member of the AICPA

Becoming an AICPA Student Affiliate is easy. Just go to and click on the button that says “Join AICPA”. 

About TJ Kelly:

TJ Kelly is the Manager of Academic and Student engagement at the Association. He works on the development of the AICPA Trends Report; this biennial report identifies key trends in U.S. accounting enrollments and graduations as well as hiring of new graduates in the public accounting sector.  He also oversees student partnership programs with accounting state societies to provide accounting resources to students across the US. Before joining the AICPA in 2015 he taught public speaking at North Carolina State University, where he also earned his Master of Science in Communication.





Representative Contact Information:
220 Leigh Farm Rd
Durham, NC 27707