Regional Alumni Representative

Deadline: Friday, September 2, 2022 by 11:59PM ET


There are currently 6 regional alumni representatives, some representing two regions. Each year a new representative from each region is selected to serve a one year term. Representatives who complete the one year term are still eligible to serve on the Board of Directors as the international alumni representative for the full two year term if they apply and are elected.  This position is considered an excellent opportunity for those interested in serving on the Board of Directors as an international alumni representative.


All nominees must be graduating in the current year in which they are nominated or have graduated the previous year.

Application Process

The application form completed is the same as the application completed for the international alumni representative position. Students may apply for both the international and regional alumni representative position. It is important to note if you are only applying for the regional alumni representative position, your employer only has to commit to the time and financial commitment required to attend one regional meeting, and the annual meeting if they chose.  Just as with the international alumni representative positions, if your employer can not make the financial commitment, Beta Alpha Psi will make the commitment in their place and this will not negatively impact your candidacy.     

Selection Process

Top applicants are interviewed by the two serving international alumni representatives by phone. The finalists are presented to the board of directors during the June Board of Directors conference call where they vote for the incoming representative.


For more information, contact current alumni representatives Rilley Ramos or Mangala Prasetia.

Other Information

In this role you will serve as a member of the alumni taskforce, meaning that you will have the opportunity to work with the international alumni representatives on initiatives to improve the value that Beta Alpha Psi brings to its members.  You will be the voice of students in your region to make sure their views and concerns are brought to the attention of the international alumni representatives, who are then able to report them to the Board of Directors.  You will be expected to support the vision and purpose established by the BOD at all times.

There will be several conference call meetings throughout the year including conference calls immediately preceding the semi-annual Board Meetings (August and January). Each of the regional alumni reps travel to their region’s regional meeting.  They are also invited to the annual meeting each year, however, this is not required. At each of the regional meetings regional alumni reps with work with the international alumni representatives to either facilitate a panel of BAP alums or giving a presentation on the current BAP initiatives. The week to week time commitment varies, but regional alumni reps are expected to prioritize this position alongside their work. While the time commitment will vary based on the time of year, it is not expected to exceed 3 hours a week in any given week and not more than an average of 1 hour a week in order to continue to move the initiatives of the BOD forward.

Other required duties include making recommendations to the international alumni representatives for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Beta Alpha Psi, and other assignments assigned by the BOD.


If you are interested in serving the Oceania region, please complete the application form avaialble on this page.

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