Regional Meeting Liaison/Co-Liaison

(approximately 5 – 10 hours)

Liaise with regional host chapter/Regional Chapter Advocate

Participate in scheduled regional meeting conference calls

  • With host chapter, executive office, BAP conference planner, and chapter advocate (September – conference date)

Determine session theme

  • Usually driven by current BAP President

Determine format of Professional concurrent Session (50 minutes each)

  • Number of sessions – repeat sessions
  • Relevant topics – technical, soft skills, interactive
  • Secure professional session speakers
    •  Tap into local firms, other Professional Partner members, board of directors

Communication to Board/Professional Partner members attending

Confirm Professional Partner attendees beginning in September

  • Get distribution list set up and shared with host chapter/executive office

Confirm concurrent session speakers

  • First preference should be given to Professional Partner members to either speak or provide another member of their organization to present based on requested topics.
  • For sessions Professional Partner members cannot cover, ask for assistance in securing outside speakers (pro-bono)

Coordinate Best Practices Competition

  • Send judging assignments to all judges at least one week prior to regional meeting
    • Include approved abstracts, Best Practice manual, evaluation forms
    • Judges should be Professional Partner members, Board of Directors, Alumni Representative
    • Assign Lead judges – someone with previous experience in Best Practices competition
  • Facilitate pre-competition judging meeting (Friday approx 5:30 – 6:00 pm)

Facilitate Friday afternoon session – 2 ½ hr session (Friday)

  • Facilitated by representative from Concord Coalition
  • Co-liaisons will assist with a scripted opening/closing to the exercise

Friday evening dinner

  • Determine number of attendees - Professional Partners, Board of Directors, Alumni rep and Chapter Advocate only
  • Make appropriate reservations – approximately 6 pm
  • BAP Executive office will pay up to $40/pp – excess to be paid for by individual

Provide written feedback upon conference conclusion

  • Send to other  Professional Partner chair, other co-liaisons, regional chapter advocate and Executive Office
  • What went well, what didn’t, any issues
  • Should be sent by Monday after conference, for other liaisons and chapter advocates to learn from prior to the next regional meeting date.

New Professional Partner?

Shaping the future of Beta Alpha Psi, coordinating Best Practices competitions, and  attending regional meetings. Just a few of the things you've signed up for.

This brand guide has been created to assist all of our chapters in producing materials that are consistent and immediately recognizable as Beta Alpha Psi.