Jeremy Carrine

BAP Professional Partners Chair-elect


About Jeremy Carrine:

Jeremy Carrine is a Campus Recruiting Manager for Deloitte US. Jeremy leads a team of campus recruiting professionals from Boston to Miami in recruiting top freshmen - graduate students for programs, internships and full-time entry level positions from a roster of over 75 target campuses. Jeremy has been with Deloitte for over 8 years in talent acquisition.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Jeremy spent 8 years working in higher education where, as part of student affairs, he organized orientation and managed extracurricular and student club experiences for over 2,000 MBA students.

Jeremy is a graduate of the University of San Diego with bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Communication Studies and New York University with a Masters of Arts in Communication. He currently resides in New York City with his wife.


Representative Contact Information:
Deloitte LLP
30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112
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BAP provides a unique opportunity for students to connect with peers and a variety of employers, all while developing their business skillset. Through the vast networking and learning events, community service projects, leadership opportunities, presentations, and case competitions, BAP sets the bar at successfully preparing students for their transition into the workforce [and beyond].

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