Alumni Advocates and Mid Year Representatives

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Chad Kelsey
Alumni Advocate, 1st Year
Mangala Prasetia
Alumni Advocate, 2nd Year; Board Member
Rilley Ramos
Alumni Advocate, 3rd Year; Board Member
Kayla Dollar
Rocky Mountain/ Southeast Mid Year Representative
Taylor Rowland
Northwest/Southwest/ Western Regional Mid Year Representative
Mursilat Saquib
Atlantic Coast Regional Mid Year Representative
Caitlin Speed
Oceania/International Mid Year Representative
Amber Young
Midwest/Missouri Valley Mid Year Representative

Hear what our Professional Partners think about BAP!

Serving as a Professional Partner to Beta Alpha Psi over the past few years has been such a privilege. From networking to serving our communities, I always enjoy interacting with and learning from this group of top students, faculty, and peers, and I'm consistently impressed by the level of talent Beta Alpha Psi encompasses. 

Sarah Jordan
Graduate Recruiting Senior Manager