Executive Graduate Honor (EGH)

For more than 100 years, Beta Alpha Psi, through its global chapter network and outstanding professional partners, has recognized the outstanding academic achievements of students in Accounting, Finance and Business Analytics / Digital Technology.  Each year we deliver on our commitment to assist its members and alumni in advancing career pursuits, developing as professionals, and in becoming responsible members of our community.

The needs of graduate students may be somewhat different from undergraduates.  But recognizing your academic achievement at this next level is no less important.  Assisting you in your professional development is an opportunity you have earned! 

The Beta Alpha Psi Executive Graduate Honor (EGH) is your opportunity to stand out among your peers.  Selectively offered by invitation-only by just under 300 of the top AACSB accredited graduate business schools in the U.S., this recognition means excellence and will carry with you for the rest of your career.

Let us take a moment to explain in more detail the merits of this exclusive program for qualified graduate students, university, and BAP chapter.

Offered exclusively by the top AACSB accredited graduate business programs in the United States, qualifying begins by achieving a GPA of at least a 3.5 after completing 15 credits of course work. An invitation to apply online directly to the BAP Executive Office will be extended to the applicant by the university. The application process will verify academic qualifications and seek evidence to support shared values and commitments through demonstrated professional work experience and community service.

Applications will be accepted beginning in January 2021. If you graduated from a Masters Program in December 2020 and meet the requirements, please apply before March 1st, 2021.

When the application is approved, a one-time fee of $125 will be charged. There are no other annual fees to maintain alumni membership or to participate in professional partner opportunities after graduation.  

Beta Alpha Psi is a highly recognized brand in the Financial Information profession that will distinguish your academic graduate-level experience this year, next year and in the years to come.

Recipients of the Executive Graduate Honor will receive a specially designed EGH certificate, pin and LinkedIn Digital Badge that specifically recognizes you for this outstanding graduate-level accomplishment.  

Beta Alpha Psi and its building Professional Partner network may be of great assistance as you:

  • Search and consider post graduate career opportunities

  • Seek to develop new skills, earn professional certifications and join professional organizations

  • Network with Beta Alpha Psi’s Alumni & Member Network to build your own personal“board of directors” that can also assist you in discovering that 2nd and 3rd job in the years ahead.

Congratulations! We celebrate with you this outstanding undergraduate academic achievement.  And since you already have an understanding of its value, we encourage you to celebrate your graduate level achievement with the Executive Graduate Honor.  We would not want you to miss out on any of the graduate-level professional programming that comes with this special honor.  Remember, our mission is not just to be there for you now but also in the years ahead.

Exclusive to BAP Executive Graduate Honor recipients - Upcoming free, live virtual events for 2021-2022:

Information is added periodically, be sure to check back regularly for updates!

  • November 2021

    • November 17, 2021 4PM ET
      • Topic: Building Your Professional Network
      • Description: Making personal connections often leads to professional opportunities in the accounting world. And, in today’s hybrid environment, embracing networking in a virtual world, despite its challenges, is essential. Join Becker for this session to learn commonly accepted etiquette and practices for attending virtual and in-person business networking events, best uses for online platforms for networking, communication basics for professional networking in writing, and common challenges professionals often face when networking and tips to handle those challenges.
      • Presenter: Michael Brown, Becker Instructor, CMA, CPA
      • Professional Partner: Becker Professional Education
  • December 2021

    • December 7, 2021 6-7PM ET
      • Topic: The Importance of Being a Lifelong Learner
      • Description: From the moment you were born, you began learning how to survive in the world around you. What you’ve learned so far will help you achieve your next goal of starting your career. But individuals who experience long-term career success understand the importance of continuously updating and enhancing their skills. Imagine if someone learned to use a typewriter, but never learned how to use Microsoft Word or email. Imagine if someone learned the tax code in 2015, and never learned about updates to the tax code after that year. These are simple examples, but they illustrate the fact that regardless of what you learned yesterday, you need to continue to learn new skills if you want to be successful tomorrow. In this presentation, participants will learn how to utilize the concept of lifelong learning to accelerate their career growth. 
      • Professional Partner: Surgent CPA Review
      • Presenter: Ryan Hirsch | Sr. Director, Higher Education Strategy
  • January 2022

    • January 26, 2022 6-7PM ET
      • Topic: CPA Exam Info Session and Study Strategies
      • Professional Partner: Wiley Efficient Learning
  • February 2022

    • February 16, 2022 1-2PM Mountain Time
      • Professional Partner: Xero
  • March 2022

    • March 16, 2022 10-11AM PT
      • Professional Partner: Robert Half International


Once details are finalized, an email invitation will go out to all EGH recipients. Stay tuned!

Hear what our Professional Partners think about BAP!

Beta Alpha Psi students represent the cream of the crop within their respective college/university! They will become the future leaders in the profession and help drive much needed change within their organizations. As the students become BAP alumni, we hope they stay engaged in professional associations and pursue certifications like the CMA to continue their life long learning.

Jodi Ryan
Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)