Executive Graduate Honor (EGH)

For more than 100 years, Beta Alpha Psi, through its global chapter network and outstanding professional partners, has recognized the outstanding academic achievements of students in Accounting, Finance and Business Analytics / Digital Technology.  Each year we deliver on our commitment to assist its members and alumni in advancing career pursuits, developing as professionals, and in becoming responsible members of our community.

The needs of graduate students may be somewhat different from undergraduates.  But recognizing your academic achievement at this next level is no less important.  Assisting you in your professional development is an opportunity you have earned! 

The Beta Alpha Psi Executive Graduate Honor (EGH) is your opportunity to stand out among your peers.  Selectively offered by invitation-only by over 300 of the top AACSB accredited graduate business schools in the U.S., this recognition means excellence and will carry with you for the rest of your career.

Offered exclusively by the top AACSB accredited graduate business programs in the United States, qualifying begins by achieving a GPA of at least a 3.5 after completing 15 credits of graduate course work. An invitation to apply online directly to the BAP Executive Office will be extended to the applicant by the university. The application process will verify academic qualifications and seek evidence to support shared values and commitments through demonstrated professional work experience and community service.

Eligibility for EGH Program

  • Graduate students majoring in accounting, finance, business analytics, or digital technology (IS).
  • Applicable for Fall and Spring master’s graduates and current graduate students.
  • Completed 15 credits of graduate coursework and achieved an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Invitation Process

  • Eligible individuals will receive an invitation letter.
  • The letter includes a unique link to access the EGH Application.

Application Requirements

The application process will require the qualified students to complete the following:

  • Upload an unofficial transcript demonstrating completion of 15 credits and an overall GPA.
  • Submit a resume, emphasizing community service or volunteer work.
  • Include the uploaded invitation letter.
  • Pay the one-time fee of $125 to receive a unique certificate, digital badge, EGH pin and monthly professional development (live and/or recorded sessions)

Applications are currently being accepted. 

If you are a faculty member and are interested in inviting an exceptional student to apply, please contact us.

When the application is approved, a one-time fee of $125 will be charged. There are no other annual fees to maintain alumni membership or to participate in professional partner opportunities after graduation.  

Congratulations! We celebrate with you this outstanding undergraduate academic achievement.  And since you already have an understanding of its value, we encourage you to celebrate your graduate level achievement with the Executive Graduate Honor.  We would not want you to miss out on any of the graduate-level professional programming that comes with this special honor.  Remember, our mission is not just to be there for you now but also in the years ahead.

By being a part of the Executive Graduate Honor, you not only receive prestigious recognition but also unlock a plethora of resources to propel your professional and academic journey.

Elevated Recognition: Beta Alpha Psi, a renowned brand in the Financial Information profession, distinguishes your academic graduate-level experience not only this year but also in the years to come.

Tangible Acknowledgment: Recipients of the Executive Graduate Honor receive a specially designed EGH certificate, pin, and a LinkedIn Digital Badge, providing tangible recognition for this exceptional accomplishment.

Professional Assistance: Tap into Beta Alpha Psi and its expansive Professional Partner network for invaluable support in:

    • Exploring post-graduate career opportunities.
    • Developing new skills, obtaining professional certifications, and joining relevant organizations.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with Beta Alpha Psi’s Alumni & Member Network to establish your personal "board of directors," a resource that can prove instrumental in navigating your career and discovering future job opportunities.

Practical Experience: Access virtual work experiences and gain valuable career skills directly from leading companies through Forage.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Certification: Earn a DEIB Certificate from the American Accounting Association, including The Architecture of Inclusion Self-Study Course. offered for $20 through January 2025.

Career Guidance: Gleim has carefully designed a roadmap with all the advice students need to make the most of their studies. How to Succeed in Accounting booklet available for download.

Whether you're looking to prepare for summer internships, get connected with recruiters, improve your technical & professional skills, or simply explore a potential career pathway, there is something for all students on Forage!  

Mastercard | Advisors Client Services  Step into the role of an Associate Consultant at Mastercard and will have the opportunity to work on a global team delivering data-driven solutions for clients.

EY | Financial Accounting Advisory Services  Work as an advisor within the Accounting Advisory team at EY, while practicing key skills such as client centricity, Technical accounting and Sustainability reporting.

BCG | Teaming  Serve as a Project Leader at BCG while practicing key skills such as client management, team development and leadership.

College and Career Quizzes This is a unique opportunity for you to explore academic and career pathways, while also receiving personalized simulation recommendations from Forage!

Hear what our Professional Partners think about BAP!

The level of professionalism and knowledge that Beta Alpha Psi alums bring to the workplace -- and the impact they make from day one -- is tremendous. At EY, we are proud to support BAP members in their development, as well as partner with them to shape the future of the accounting profession. With the industry changing at such a rapid pace, we are grateful for the opportunity to learn from them and their experiences.

Rheanna Martino
Assistant Director, Campus Recruiting