Alumni Advocate or Mid Year Representative

Deadline: Friday, May 3, 2024 by 11:59PM ET


As an Alumni Advocate or Mid Year Representative, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Beta Alpha Psi. These positions are not only an opportunity to serve, but also an investment in your personal and professional development. You will actively contribute to Beta Alpha Psi's continued success, shape its future, and establish lasting personal and professional connections with fellow members. Your dedication to service, leadership, and advocacy will be instrumental in driving positive change within our organization.

Key Responsibilities

  • Represent Student Voices: You will be the bridge between past and present, representing the voices of current students. Advocating for their perspectives and concerns, you will ensure that their needs are heard and addressed effectively within the organization.
  • Professional Collaboration: Engage in collaborative efforts with fellow alumni and the Board of Directors to foster meaningful connections and relationships. By networking with like-minded individuals who share your passion for Beta Alpha Psi's success, you will expand your horizons both personally and professionally.
  • Advocate for Change:  You must always uphold the organization's vision and purpose. You will actively participate in discussions, influencing the direction of the entire organization. Your role is pivotal in providing a student/young professional perspective during these discussions.

Meetings and Commitments

See details below.


All nominees must be graduating in the current year in which they are nominated or have graduated the previous year.

Application Process

The application process for this position is intentionally flexible, allowing applicants to express their passion for the organization in their own way. Below is a list of the required components:

Complete this application and include the following:

  1. A nomination letter from your chapter (similar to a letter of recommendation).
  2. If the nomination is provided by a chapter officer, your chapter’s faculty advisor must also provide a letter, confirming your suitability as a candidate.
  3. Statement from your employer: This statement should commit to the substantial time and financial support needed for you to serve as an alumni rep. If your employer cannot provide financial support, Beta Alpha Psi will cover the financial commitment. Importantly, Beta Alpha Psi providing financial support will not affect your candidacy status.
  4. Personal statement: In this statement, you should detail why you want to serve in this position. Include your vision, goals, and your understanding of the role.
  5. Additional materials: Feel free to include any other materials you think are relevant, such as additional letters of recommendation, a résumé, or any creative elements that enhance your application.

Meetings and Commitment as an Alumni Advocate

  • Serving as one of three Alumni Advocates on the Board of Directors, your most valuable contribution is providing a student/young professional perspective during Board discussions. Every year, a new Alumni Advocate is chosen to serve for three years. The first year Alumni Advocate is a non-board position, while the second and third years are board positions. To ensure a smooth transition, the current Alumni Advocate leaves the board one year after the new one joins.
  • The first year Alumni Advocate serves as the Taskforce Chair for the Mid Year Representative.
  • There are two in-person board meetings (one just before the annual meeting, one early January) and several conference call meetings throughout the year.
  • There are four mid-year meetings and an annual meeting you will travel to each year. At mid-year meetings, Alumni Advocates either lead discussions with BAP alumni or present on BAP initiatives or valuable topics to students during a professional session.
  • The week-to-week time commitment varies, but Alumni Advocates are expected to prioritize this position alongside their work. In general, Alumni Advocates are expected to dedicate approximately 160-200 hours per year.
  • Alumni Advocates also present the top three applicants for the incoming Alumni Advocate each year, and fulfill other assignments assigned by the Board.

Meetings and Commitment as Mid Year Representative

  • Serving as one of five Mid Year Representatives, you’ll be part of the alumni taskforce, collaborating with Alumni Advocates to enhance value for members. Your role involves representing the student perspective in your region, ensuring their concerns reach the Alumni Advocates who can then report them to the Board of Directors. Alignment with the BOD's vision and purpose is essential.
  • Annually, one representative is chosen for each region to serve for a one-year term. You’ll be one of five mid year representatives, perhaps covering two regions.
  • Throughout the year, there will be virtual alumni taskforce meetings, including those before the semi-annual Board Meetings (in August and January). Mid Year Representatives attend their region's mid-year meeting and are invited to the annual meeting, although attendance at the latter is not mandatory. At mid-year meetings, you'll work with Alumni Advocates to facilitate discussions or present on current BAP initiatives.
  • Weekly time commitment varies but should not exceed 3 hours in any given week and averages around 1 hour per week. This allows you to effectively support the BOD's initiatives while managing your work responsibilities.
  • Those who complete the term as Mid Year Representatives can still apply and serve on the Board of Directors as the Alumni Advocate for a full three-year term. This role serves as an excellent steppingstone for those interested in becoming an Alumni Advocate on the Board of Directors.

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