Welcome to the Beta Alpha Psi Alumni & Member Network! This network is for current Beta Alpha Psi initiated student members and alumni to connect and network with each other. Find people based on similar interests, career path, and geographic location.

Alumni will have the option to offer their skills to current Beta Alpha Psi members - chapter presentations, mock interviews, meet with current students, and more!

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Other ways to stay connected to Beta Alpha Psi include applying to be an Alumni Advocate or Mid Year Representative.

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I support Beta Alpha Psi because I love helping students navigate starting their careers! It’s extremely rewarding to help students explore different avenues and possibilities as they land positions they are genuinely excited about. It’s an exciting time to join the work force – there are so many different career paths and opportunities to pursue. By attending local and Mid-Year meetings, I hope to continue being a resource for students as they discover the working world.

Zach Yarnell
Lead Campus Recruiter