Alumni & Member Network

Since the Alumni & Member Network launched in August 2019, the Beta Alpha Psi Executive Office and Board of Directors are thrilled by the number of active members and alumni that have joined the (free) network! 

Here are some common questions that we’ve answered:

1.     What is the Alumni & Member Network?

  • The Alumni & Member Network is a place for you (initiated members/alumni) to connect and network exclusively with BAP members and alumni. You can find people based on similar interests, career path, and geographic location. 
  • The Alumni & Member Network also has a Video Repository that is exclusive for members on the network! You have unlimited access that includes more than 25 videos provided by our Professional Partners. These videos cover topics from Emotional Intelligence, Diversity & Inclusion, Preparing for the Workforce, Professional Development and so much more!

2.     Am I eligible to join?

  • Have you been initiated as a member into your BAP chapter?
    • If the answer is yes, then sign up here.
    • If the answer is no, please reach out to the faculty advisor or chapter officers at your university for membership information. If you need help finding the faculty advisor, please contact bap@bap.org.

3.     What if I’m currently a candidate?

  • We are thrilled you are interested in joining the Alumni & Member Network! Unfortunately, the network is only for initiated members and alumni. Once dues have been paid to the Executive Office and you have been initiated, you may submit your profile to register for the network.

4.     What if I’m a Faculty Advisor?

  • That’s great, we think the Alumni & Member Network is a great resource for faculty advisors too! Before you can join, you will need to become a member first by following one of the below steps:
    • You must be entered in the Reporting Intranet as a Faculty Member. If you aren't entered as a Faculty Member:
      • Your chapter will need to add you as an honorary candidate, pay the $75 fee, and move your record to the ‘Submit for Initiation’ folder effective one day after the start date. Once the record is entered, submitted and all dues are paid, your record will be updated to member and alumni status by the BAP Executive Office. You will now be able to register and join the Alumni & Member Network.
      • If you were initiated into a different BAP chapter than you are an FA of, please enter that information into the membership section.

5.     How are members verified for the network?

  • Great question! We look up each member’s profile in the Reporting Intranet to verify your initiation date. Therefore, it is imperative that your chapter records are up to date, otherwise your profile will not be approved for the Alumni & Member Network.
  • If you are a:
    • Candidate: if you are an active candidate and submit a profile for the Alumni & Member Network, you will be moved to a separate queue until your initiation date when you are initiated as a member.
    • Alumni: you must be featured in the Reporting Intranet as an alumni. If you are still listed as an active member, you will need to work with your former chapter or Faculty Advisor to update the Reporting Intranet.
    • Faculty Advisor: as mentioned previously, you must be entered into the Reporting Intranet as an honorary candidate. 
      • In addition, if you were a member at a different chapter when you were a student but now teach at a different university, you must either:
        • Provide your membership details from when you were a student; or
        • Be entered as an honorary candidate where you currently are a Faculty Advisor
    • Honorary Member: there have been a few instances of membership records not being in the Reporting Intranet. When those situations arise, the BAP Executive Office does not have a way to verify your membership. You will need to provide a picture of your membership certificate. The BAP Executive Office will be in touch with more details. 

6.     Once I’m in the network, what do I do?

  • You can search other members on the Alumni & Member Network by chapter name, location, or by name. 
  • Alumni that are on the network have selected their industries and interests, as well as mentorship options.
  • Many alumni have selected areas where they would be willing to mentor others, which include:
    • Office tour
    • Chapter presentation (in-person or virtual)
    • Participate on a regional or national alumni panel
    • Discuss topics such as work-life balance, transitioning from college to workforce, networking, industry or position specific topics
    • Meet in person for coffee or lunch
  • We also have a Professional Development Portfolio, which are exclusive discounted offerings from our professional partners for members in the Alumni & Member Network.
  • In early 2021, we will launch a Video Repository Page, which will offer exclusive videos from our professional partners that are organized by category and will allow members and alumni to gain knowledge in various topics and use this time as reportable hours.

Hear what our Professional Partners think about BAP!

At Xero, we want millions of small businesses to thrive through better tools, information and connections with their accounting and bookkeeping partners. We know technology is only half the equation - it's the human and technology elements combined that make the role of an accounting professional so powerful. Members of Beta Alpha Psi are the catalyst to make our mission a reality and represent the future success of small businesses as the advisors that will lead them forward.

Ryan Wakefield