Inspiring Future Leaders to Leave a Legacy of Excellence

A Letter From the President

What an amazing year it’s been for BAP! I was so honored to be president of this wonderful organization during its 100th year anniversary. My theme was “Inspiring Future Leaders to Leave a Legacy of Excellence.” I hoped to plant a seed in the minds of BAP stakeholders to think about what you can do for others. Our tag line became “Why do you plant a tree?” You plant a tree now so someone else will have shade in the future. That’s a way to leave your legacy.

That concept of planting a tree led to the launch of our 100th Anniversary Tree Timeline. What a tremendous place to see the roots and branches of the BAP tree! From significant chapter events, to competitions and awards, to our Professional Partners, to the history of BAP in interviews and photos, every branch of each tree is a treasure trove showing the excellence of this organization! You can find just about anything you want to know about BAP, including history of your own chapter.

We also spent several years documenting the history of the organization. This amazing video can be used by chapters everywhere to showcase BAP. You can find it on the Tree Timeline on one of the branches of the Our Legacy tree. It is a great way to introduce potential new members to the legacy of the organization.

Another way we recognized the legacy of BAP is through the KPMG/Bernard J. Milano Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is rarely given and celebrates stakeholders of BAP who have planted their own seed and left a lasting legacy through meaningful and sustained service. This year we recognized Jan Taylor Morris of Sam Houston State University and Blane Ruschak of KPMG.

Speaking of new members, we currently have 12,000 candidates and members. We had installations of four new US-based chapters in the Atlantic Coast, Missouri Valley and Southeast regions, and two new chapters in Melbourne, Australia, part of our Oceania Region. Just as exciting, we have our first petitioning chapter from Saudi Arabia.

Members from all over the world gathered at the annual meeting in Chicago, IL in August. This was a tremendous event with over 1,300 attendees. The professional sessions were top notch, the competitions were fierce, and the keynote speakers left us with messages that continue to inspire those in attendance.

A special thank you should go out to those who participated in our annual meeting by sponsoring competitions or awards: Deloitte, Moss Adams, RSM US, Grant Thornton, KPMG, AICPA, IMA and EY. We couldn’t do this without you.

Our Community Service Day, sponsored by KPMG LLP and the KPMG Foundation gave over 900 volunteers a meaningful way to make an impact on the local community. Thousands of school supply items and almost 1,900 books were donated by meeting attendees to children across the city, in connection with Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago. New this year was another Community Service Day partner, The Pack Shack, all the way from Arkansas. This event featured students, faculty and Professional Partners using the Feed the Funnel program to generate meal packages for those with food insecurity. It was wild, chaotic, noisy and there was an amazing amount of hair nets in place, but by the end of the activity, we had generated over 100,000 meals. What a day for all involved!

As part of our continued effort to Widen the Reach of BAP and to expand membership to finance and information systems as well as accounting majors, we brought on three new board members for Directors at Large focused on Finance, Information Systems and Innovation. These directors are already looking at how BAP can be more engaged with attracting members from across our three areas of emphasis. We’re celebrating our history but also looking forward to our future in the next century. Our new 2nd Century Task Force has been charged with looking at what it means in the future to be a financial services professional, and how BAP can be part of that. Our three new board members hit the ground running as members of this forward-thinking task force.

Our International Alumni Representatives were hard at work as well during the past year. They not only helped streamline the Deloitte Best Practices competition judging operations during the year, they also went live at the annual meeting in Chicago with the BAP Alumni Network. This excellent platform on the BAP website helps connect current members and alumni to each other across the globe. Alumni can become better connected with their former chapters and grow their network with other alumni near them (if they’ve moved since graduation). Alumni can also offer to be a mentor, participate with local BAP chapters through chapter presentations, mock interviews, office tours, coffee or lunch meetup, and more! Current initiated members are able to grow their network with other members they meet at regional and annual meetings, and upon graduation, update their profile to be an alumni. This platform allows BAP to increase our engagement with current members and alumni, while also allowing alumni and current members to grow their professional network.

This past May, we introduced the Beta Alpha Psi Lifetime Member digital badge. The digital badge contains metadata describing each members qualifications and credentials, including how they earned them to verify their membership of Beta Alpha Psi. Members who have accepted their badge are sharing it online (predominately on LinkedIn, but a few on Facebook and in email signatures). We hope our members continue to take advantage of this new feature and enjoy the convenience and professional recognition afforded by our digital badge program.

It seems like our 100th Anniversary year flew by in a blur! I was privileged to work with such outstanding people – from the Executive Office to the Board of Directors, with students, faculty and Professional Partners. We accomplished so much and have so much to look forward to in the future. I’m proud to have been a part of that, and to help pave the way going forward.

Alexandra Miller, CPA
Board President 2018-2019


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