Zeta Phi

Tennessee Tech University

Chapter #159, Est. 1983


"The Zeta Phi Chapter at Tennessee Tech University, formed in 1983, has shown success in helping our members exemplify professionalism, service, and innovation in the financial information profession. Our chapter’s officers strive give our members opportunities through professional, academic, and personal sources they would have a harder time receiving outside of our organization on campus. Every spring semester we hold a golf scramble that allows the students to network with professionals in a more relaxed environment, and every fall we work with the accounting department on campus to hold our Meet The Firms event, which gives our members an opportunity to network with professionals to create bonds and often receive internship or job opportunities. This year we have also successfully held a Kickball Tournament with a few firm teams that allowed our members to network with professionals after Meet The Firms, which will allow them the opportunity to connect with the professionals more often and create a bond that they can continue to use until next years Meet The Firms when they see them again. We have also held an annual Progressive Dinner at the end of every Fall semester this year and that allows our members to go and have meals at professors homes with other members in the club. This year we had about 15 students show up and it allowed for bonds to be made on a personal, academic, and professional level since the professors were actively involved in the dinner and conversations. We hope to continue to hold events that will benefit our members in all of these areas of their lives."


"As a MAcc student who has been involved in Beta Alpha Psi for three years now, our chapter has allowed me to create bonds with classmates, professors, and professionals that I am so grateful for. It allowed me so many opportunities I wouldn't have received on my own. I was able to study in London over spring break with other members, participate in our chapters Golf Scramble and Kickball Tournament, and work with the accounting department to plan the annual Meet the Firms for TTU. Some of these bonds will last a lifetime, and I know that because some of the professionals I've connected with are examples of how they can. I've grown so much in my professional, academic, and personal life thanks to Beta Alpha Psi!"


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RSM is a proud partner of Beta Alpha Psi and sponsor of the annual RSM BAP Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award! We’re fortunate to partner with terrific faculty to help develop the next generation of leaders in the accounting and financial information industries!

Matt Kessler