Theta Tau

Weber State University

Chapter #203, Est. 1995

"We encourage our students to join BAP because they can make friends, find jobs and be a leader.  

Our service activities encourage interaction among students and allow them to get to know each other in fun and meaningful ways.  Students develop strong relationships as they work together providing service to our local community.  

Our professional activities provide both learning and networking opportunities.  Students can decide which jobs they are most interested in pursuing as they learn about the career possibilities that accounting provides. Students build their professional network as they meet and interact with speakers and alumni at our activities.

Our chapter offers leadership opportunities for students who are interested in being officers and committee members.  BAP members are also leaders among their fellow students due to the additional knowledge and confidence that comes from being actively involved in the activities of our chapter."


"Our chapter’s small size has created a tight knit community full of opportunities. Our small size was exactly what I needed. Thanks to BAP, I have been pulled out of my comfort zone, and have participated in so many wonderful growth opportunities. This includes the honor of being an officer and attending the 2017 national conference. Knowing myself, I would have fallen through the cracks at a larger university. BAP made me feel like I matter, which has inspired me to help others feel that way as well. To me, BAP is about the people that we meet and this has made my world so much brighter."


Hear what our Professional Partners think about BAP!

Beta Alpha Psi students are the future leaders of the profession, and their involvement with the organization demonstrates their dedication to excellence. The Illinois CPA Society has many student ambassadors who are also involved with BAP, and we value the opportunity to collaborate to share important resources and support more students throughout their journey to becoming a CPA.

Elizabeth Anderson
Illinois CPA Society