For Our Chapter Advocates

The following items should help you in providing support to faculty advisors and chapter members.

Advocate Resources

Upcoming Positions for 2021

  • Northwest/Western region
  • Southeast region

Upcoming Calls

  • Thursday, July 18th 3-5pm ET [conference call]
  • Tuesday, August 6th 2-5pm CT [in person meeting]
  • October 2019 [specific date TBD, conference call]
  • December 2019 [specific date TBD, conference call]
  • January 2020 [specific date TBD, conference call]
  • March 2020 [specific date TBD, conference call]
  • May 2020 [specific date TBD, conference call]

For specific call information, please email


Did you know?

Best Practices competition started.

First international chapter was installed in Hong Kong.

300th chapter, University of North Georgia, was installed.

We've stepped up to the challenge of positioning Beta Alpha Psi to heighten innovation, engagement, and impact while delivering another year of strong performance. 


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