Beta Alpha Psi Branding and Style Guidelines

Last updated January 2019

Please be sure that any and all applications of the logo meet the branding and style guidelines. You may download the Style Guide (PDF) or refer to the guidelines below.

Note: You may not alter the colors or assets of the official Beta Alpha Psi logo. The logo is to be used in its final form, as provided to you in the ZIP file above.



  • For use on all web, print and collateral pieces. Use the full color logo whenever possible (RGB for web, Pantone or CMYK for print).
  • Due to legibility, do not size the logo smaller than 1.25" diameter.
  • To preserve the logo's integrity, always maintain a minimum of .25" of clear space around all sides. The clear space isolates the logo from competing graphic elements.










These fonts should be used for print and web marketing materials.

Carrois Gothic and Arial are the official fonts for Beta Alpha Psi. Both are print and web-friendly, so the following guidelines can apply to both formats:

Heading 1
For all headlines, headers and titles, use Carrois Gothic (title case) kerned out to 50.

Heading 2
For all subheads, use Carrois Gothic (sentence case) kerned out to 50, half the size of the H1 used.

Body copy
For all body copy, use Arial, no larger than 11 pt and no smaller than 6 pt.

  • Download Carrois Gothic (title case) web font: Here 
  • Download Carrois Gothic (sentence case) web font: Here











  • C: 5 M: 96 Y: 80 K: 22
  • R: 175 G: 39 B: 47
  • HEX: AF272F


  • C: 24 M: 18 Y: 42 K: 0
  • R: 197 G: 193 B: 157
  • HEX: C5C19D



If you need a different version of the BAP logo, please email


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