Chapter Growth Through the Decades



Decade Number of Chapters Installed
 1919-1929  13
 1930-1939  7
 1940-1949  5
 1950-1959  23
 1960-1969  33
 1970-1979  54
 1980-1989  38
 1990-1999  52
 2000-2009  56
 2010-2019  43





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At Xero, we want millions of small businesses to thrive through better tools, information and connections with their accounting and bookkeeping partners. We know technology is only half the equation - it's the human and technology elements combined that make the role of an accounting professional so powerful. Members of Beta Alpha Psi are the catalyst to make our mission a reality and represent the future success of small businesses as the advisors that will lead them forward.

Ryan Wakefield