Best Practices

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Deadline for ALL abstracts: January 29, 2016 by 4 PM CST.

Please note: All regional meeting first place winners must notify the Best Practices coordinator whether or not they intend to compete at the annual meeting by May 1.  


Best practices are activities created and completed by a chapter to further specific goals identified by the board of directors of Beta Alpha Psi and by Deloitte LLP (Deloitte). These activities exemplify the spirit and purpose of Beta Alpha Psi and, if applicable, allow other chapters to emulate those activities.


Regional Meetings: 1st Place - $500, 2nd Place - $250 and 3rd Place - $125

Annual Meeting: 1st Place - $1,500, 2nd Place - $1,000 and 3rd Place - $500


All chapters are eligible to participate in Best Practices.


Best Practices comprises a two or three-step competitive process:

  1. Chapters submit an abstract and the abstract is approved per the guidelines stated in the Best Practices Manual.
  2. Chapters present at their regional meeting. Winning chapters (first, second, and third place) receive verbal recognition and a monetary award.
  3. First place regional meeting winners present at BAP’s annual meeting. Winning chapters at the annual meeting earn verbal recognition and an additional monetary award.

Top 5 Reminders:

*Please review the Abstract Guidelines

  1. The online submission form will serve as your cover page – you do not have to submit an extra one with the PDF abstract.
  2. All abstracts must be one page and uploaded in PDF format with the online cover page submission form or they will be disqualified. 
    • If the abstract is emailed to your Chapter Advocate – it will be disqualified.
    • If it is emailed to – it will be disqualified.
  3. All abstracts must include school name and chapter name or they will be disqualified.
  4. All late submissions will automatically be disqualified.
  5. Only 10 chapters will be selected to present for each topic at each regional meeting. Submit early!

Award Process

Winners are determined by a group of judges made up of board and Professional Partners members. Judges act independent of any student, college/university, and chapter affiliation.


For more information you may contact the Executive Office at or (919) 402-4044. 

2016 Best Practices Topics 

Unleash Our Potential:

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are very different but both are critical to success.  How does your chapter define Leadership and Management based upon your chapter philosophy? What has your chapter done in the past year to differentiate or combine the two traits into your chapter activities? How have you prepared your members for both? Finally, how does your chapter measure its success in promoting Management and Leadership? What take away can your chapter provide other chapters in this topic?

Alignment of Officer Activities

Each chapter needs to align performance, efforts and goals in order to lead the chapter effectively.  This includes delegating through different activities such as professional, service and social activities.  Provide the overall organizational structure for your chapter leadership and define the roles and responsibilities for each officer position.  What forms of communication does your chapter use to avoid “working in silos”?   Who is responsible for delegating responsibilities and why? How has your officer alignment changed or evolved over the past three years? What were some of the lessons learned from past mistakes? What were some of the successes? What is your chapter currently doing to keep your leadership/officer alignment dynamic? 

Good or Great! – “Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” - John D. Rockefeller

Sometimes the good can get in the way of great.  What does your chapter do to evaluate their processes to avoid settling for good in order to strive to be great?  BAP has been around since 1919. The organization, the mission and the scope has changed and will continue to change.  This is why BAP remains one of the more prestigious student organizations within the US and Globally. Provide examples of what your chapter has done to venture outside of its comfort zone to include new and different ideas.  Provide some examples that other chapters can benefit from. What has your chapter done to reach out to potential new members such as finance and IS majors? What review process has your chapter used to answer the question, “Are we good or are we great?”  In the structure of your organization, what allows you to move forward?


All participating chapters are required to use the new logo. Failure to use the new logo during competition will result in disqualification from winning first place.

Please refer to the branding policy and branding guidelines for more information.