Professional Partners Meeting Topics

Below is a list of some recommended topics chapters might enjoy using for professional meetings. Professional Partners members are frequently available when asked to make presentations to the chapters. Alumni and friends are some other interested speakers that can be contacted as speakers.

Examples of Professional Meeting Topics/Activities

Audit of Chapter Financial Statements
Improving Communication Skills
Business Practice In (name of country)
Developing Leadership Skills
Time Management
Stress Management
The Paperless Audit
Marketing Business Services
Professional Liability
Internet for Financial Information Research
Comparing Different Career Paths
Management of Accounting / Consulting Practice
Analyzing Financial Statements
Derivatives and Financial Instruments
Advantages of Graduate Education
Use of Computer Software
Fraud Detection
New Tax Law
Implementing New Systems
Off Balance Sheet Risk
Going Public (IPOs)
Dress for Success
Corporate Finance
Systems Development
Creating a Web Page
Forensic Accounting
Not-for-Profit Accounting
Interviewing Skills
Golf Tournament with Professionals (social activity)
Softball Game with Professionals (social activity)
Legislative Changes Impacting Business

Mid-Year Meeting Professional Session Topics

Professional sessions are intended to be sessions that discuss points of interest to the students during the regional meetings that are relevant to the course of study or the professional world. The list below is only a listing of potential topics that can be presented. Please take into careful consideration that these are only a starting point for generating presentation topics. Students should be consulted every year in regards to what they want to hear from the professionals so that the best and most relevant topics are presented.

SEC roadmap for IFRS implications to the public accounting profession and to academic programs
Current economic outlook (local and/or national level)
Other current hot topics (SEC/IASB/FASB)
Work/life balance - establishing priorities and time management
The CPA Exam
Additional certifications beyond CPA
Careers in academia, forensics, IT, industry
Derivatives and other financial instruments
The IPO process
Topics related to the current year BAP theme
Good to Great: Transition from good student to great professional
Working abroad - international assignments/experiences
Joining the AICPA and state CPA societies
Creating a solid network
Effective leadership qualities
PhD Programs: What to consider, where to find resources, research vs. teaching, career paths, etc.
Investing tips in topsy-turvy market: goal setting, retirement, budgeting, do's and don'ts
Regulations on the Investment Banking Industry: How did we get to where we are? De-constructing the "house of cards", what are the possibilities for future?
Professional Mentoring: The importance of developing informal and formal mentoring relationships (past experiences, future benefits)
Executive Presence: How to conduct yourself in a business/committee/board setting
Communicating in the Workplace: Do's and don'ts, how impressions are everything, style vs. professionalism
Understanding the generation gap, office politics, and helpful tips for navigating your career
IT Issues: Growing concerns on information security, systems security (what it means for accounting and financial systems)
Bridge to Professionalism
Finding Your Passion
Utilizing Your Strengths to be Successful
Potpourri Session: Students come and write down topics they want to discuss. The speaker selects several topics to host an open discussion with the room.

Hear what our Professional Partners think about BAP!

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust has been long time supporters and partners of Beta Alpha Psi. We have found BAP students have a vested interested in ethics and leadership. Thank you for keeping these top priority and setting a good example in the business community.

Ashley Metivier
NASBA Center for the Public Trust