Accountant of the Year and Business Information Professional of the Year (BIPOY) Awards


Year Education Public Accounting Industry & Government
1974 Dr. James Don Edwards    
1975 Dr. Paul Garner    
1976   Dr. Norton Bedford  
1977 Dr. Joseph A Silvoso Richard T. Baker Joseph B. Collison
1978 Dr. Herbert E. Miller John C. Biegler Thomas J. Murphy
1979 Dr. K. Fred Skousen Ray J. Groves A. Clarence Sampson, Jr.
1980 Dr. Harold Q. Langenderfer Wayne L. Albers Ulyesse L. LeGrange
1981 Dr. G. Kenneth Nelson James J. Leisenring William F. Spengler, Jr.
1982 Dr. Doyle Z. Williams M. Paul LeBlanc Archie L. Monroe
1983 Dr. Charles T. Zlatkovich Samuel A. Derieux Kenneth E. Tigges
1984 Dr. Sidney Davisdon Dr. Arthur R. Wyatt Dr. Victor H. Brown
1985 Dr. Robert N. Anthony Thomas L. Holton Charles A Bowsher
1986 Dr. Larzette G. Hale Dennis R. Beresford  
1987 Dr. Gerhard G. Mueller Rholan E. Larson  
1988 Dr. Robert T. Sprouse Albert H. Cohen W. Val Oveson
1989 Dr. Stephen A Zeff Katheryn A. Forbes Michael N. Chetkovich
1990 Dr. Edward N. Coffman Thomas J. Nessinger Ronald L. Bell
1991 Dr. John K. Simmons Thomas W. Rimerman Allen J. Krowe
1992 Dr. Belvard E. Needles Gerald A. Polansky Katheryn J. Whitmire
1993 Dr. Charles T. Horngren Jake Netterville Charles E. Billingsley
1994 Dr. Quiester Craig Frank K. Ross Gaylen N. Larsen
1995 Dr. Alvin A. Arens Sam DiPiazza Rodney H. Brady
1996 Dr. Andrew D. Bailey Bernard J. Milano Clark h. Johnson
1997 Dr. Jane Burns James J. Schiro F. Lynn Markel
1998 Dr. Marion Posey Sharon L. Allen Steve Berlin
1999 Dr. W. Steve Albrecht Larry Katzen R. Wayne Hutchins

"As one of the largest and most respected global associations focused exclusively on advancing the management accounting profession, IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) is proud to sponsor the Beta Alpha Psi Business Information Professional of the Year awards. As these awards pay tribute to individuals who "affected a great number of lives,” we are delighted to honor the selected winners who understand the value of staying involved and paying it forward." - Jodi Ryan, Director, Student & Academic Relations IMA ® (Institute of Management Accountants).



Education Public Accounting/Professional Services Industry & Government
2000 Dr. Edward V. Mcintyre Cheryl A. Wenzinger Bruce Rohde
2001 Dr. Jan R. Williams Gordon Budke Gayle Powelson
2002 Dr. Paul Munter Will J. Pugh Lynn E. Turner
2003 Dr. Gordon Davis John J. O'Connor M. Michele Burns
2004 Dr. Ray G. Stephens Kay Hagarty Marshall Hunt
2005 Dr. Thomas J. Purcell, III Theresa Drew Dmitri L. Stockton
2006 Dr. Mary Stone Leslie Vitale  
2007 Dr. Mark E. Zmijewski James G. Castellano Charles H. Noski
2008 Dr. Joseph V. Carcello Dennis Nally Newton D. Becker
2009 Dr. Douglas E. Ziegenfuss J. Michael Inzina James Kroeker
2010 Dr. Kevin Stocks Lawrence Alleva Ted Vacek
2011 Dr. Kenneth Milani Samuel Burke John Gehring
2012 Dr. Bruce Behn Mary Pat McCarthy Kecia Williams Smith
2013 Dr. Katherine Schipper Michael S. Hamilton Ralpha de la Vega
2014 Dr. Dennis Hanno Thomas Hilton Glenn Johnson
2015 Dr. Mark Taylor Leslie A. Murphy Dave DeFreitas
2016 Dr. Philip J. Harmelink Lynne Doughtie Stephen J. Moore
2017 Dr. Karen Braun Jamil Jones Michael Sewell
2018 Dr. Susan Anderson Ryan E. Kist Jeffrey Bush
2019 Katie Terrell Christina Howard Anna Neil

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