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"The students, their questions, and their presentations were smart, focused, and innovative.  They offered a variety of solutions that could be implemented in the short, medium, and long term, to help us gather meaningful feedback from clients.  Each proposal generated by the students was incredibly informative and useful, and definitely worth the effort.  We came away with many practical ideas for improvement, and I think the students gained a lot from the project as well."

- Jolynn Palmbach, WWBIC (Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation)

"I am looking back at the Project for the truly incredible experience it was.  In the moment, I barely slept; I was cranky; I overdosed on caffeine.  Now, looking back with a different set of eyes I can wholeheartedly say I would do it again (in due time).  The opportunity to use my business and technical skill set to (hopefully) help Meta House continue to succeed was incredibly rewarding.  I met and worked closely with a great group of people from across the country.  I look forward to watching Bentley students succeed in and benefit from PRWI in the years to come."

- Will Stameris, Bentley College (Student)

"PRWI was an incredible experience for my entire team and me.  I learned far more than I could have imagined during that 36-hour period (and drank far more red bull than I could have imagined).  I would love to implement some type of program similar to PRWI for our university.  It may be difficult getting 72 students willing to participate in a local competition, but I believe this is something that could be done on a local level as well!" 

- Robert LaPorta, University of Denver (Student)

"The interaction with the students at the kick-off meeting was very exciting but the six presentations were unbelievable.  We were truly impressed with the amount of work they were able to formally produce in such a short period of time.  It was very difficult for us to identify a “winner” because all of the content is very useful.  The students should all feel very proud of their work."

- Jack Leff, Sojourner Family Peace Center

"When my friend asked me to attend the conference with him, I was a little hesitant at first.  Once I found out about the competition, I got even more interested in the conference. I had the opportunity to participate in the PwC Challenge Competition earlier in October and although it was stressful, I was thrilled to find a similar competition that I could be a part of (it was an extreme bonus that it was for a real company this time as well!).  I was beyond excited (and terrified) when I found out that I was selected for this competition.  I knew that it was going to be just as stressful as the case competition, and even more so, if anything.  Even after reading all of the comments from previous participants, I still underestimated how much work and time was spent on this case.  I cannot wait to go back to campus and talk about this experience.  This has affected me more than anyone can ever imagine."

- Melissa Lai, Ithaca College (Student)

"This was a wonderful opportunity for Meta House to briefly share our story with so many young people and to see them work so hard on our case.  All of their presentations were well thought out and will help Meta House accomplish the goals we set out to meet with Project Run With It."

- Bill Gollmar, Meta House

"Expect to be challenged. Expect to be tired. Expect to have fun. This experience gave me a great idea of how far my mind could be pushed. You will be surprised by how far yours can be pushed too." 

- Dylan Culp, University of Texas at Tyler (Student)

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Project Run With It made me more excited to join the professional world. This competition taught me the importance of teamwork, collaboration, negotiation, and leadership qualities. This has definitely helped me grow more as a person and taught me to not underestimate myself. I will always carry this experience with me, as I get closer to joining the professional world.

- Melissa Lai, Ithica College (Student)

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