Project Run With It (PRWI) Schedule

Deadline for applications: May 1, 2021 by 11:59 PM EDT

Applicants selected for participation will be notified no later than May 15, 2021.

Every applicant selected for PRWI 2021 will need to review the schedule and affirm their intent to participate before projects and team assignment information is released. Additional information will be posted here and sent to faculty advisors and students who have submitted applications on or before May 1.

Project Run With It 2021 winners will be announced during the Annual Meeting in August. Registration for the Annual Meeting is still a requirement for participation in PRWI 2021. All Beta Alpha Psi faculty advisors and chapter presidents will be notified of the date that registration will open as soon as that information is available.  


2021 Schedule of Events

May 1 – Deadline for submitting application to participate in PRWI 2021

May 5 – Students selected for participation will be notified by this date and provided with directions to public information regarding the Not-for-profit organization (NFP) they are assigned.

May 20-25 – Students will receive team member contact information and the specific case materials for the consulting project.  They will arrange a first team meeting to prepare for a question and answer meeting with a representative from the NFP, moderated by a member of the PRWI 2021 project committee.

June 1-4 – Question and Answer meetings with NFP representative and PRWI coordinators will be scheduled and held.  Every student is encouraged to attend the meeting for their case and every team must have at least one team member in attendance to continue in the PRWI 2021 competition.

June 1-17 – Student team work time to develop the video presentation of their proposed solutions to the business issues included in their assigned case.  Presentations are limited to twelve minutes and each team member must present for at least two minutes to qualify to remain in the competition.

June 18 – Deadline for uploading official team presentation to the PRWI 2021 submission portal.  Specific instructions will be provided.  

June 19-26 – Presentation judging by a panel of at least three judges including one or more NFP representatives, professional partner from the sponsoring CPA firm, Moss Adams, and a faculty advisor judge.  Judges will be allowed to submit email questions for clarification to the teams and will expect any response to be returned within 24 hours to be included for consideration.

August 5-7 – Annual Meeting and awards ceremony. Student participants must register and attend to qualify for prize money.

August 9-10 – Judges feedback will be emailed to each participating PRWI 2021 team 

Final wrap-up – All PRWI 2021 participants will be noted in the BAP annual report, the chapters of each winning team member will receive a commemorative plaque with engraved team member names and schools along with a check for $1,000. Winning teams will also be posted to the BAP website.

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Jodi Ryan
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