Project Run With It

Sponsored by Moss-Adams

Deadline: May 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT


Project Run with It (PRWI) furthers the community service component of Beta Alpha Psi and provides members/candidates with an opportunity to engage in a real-world consulting project.

PRWI 2017 will involve 72 BAP student representatives working together during the annual meeting to develop solutions to real life business problems of actual not-for-profit (NFP) organizations located in the greater Baltimore area. Working in eighteen teams of four, the students will have the equivalent of one and half working days to develop a formal presentation showcasing their solution to the business issues presented by the NFPs in their request for proposal for consulting services. Prior to the annual meeting, the NFP organizations will provide background information and will be on site Wednesday evening to answer the participating students' questions.

2016 Case Studies 


Each chapter represented on the first place teams will receive a plaque (which will bear the name of the participating student and chapter) and a $1,000 cash award. 


  • All current BAP members/candidates are eligible to participate. If more than the maximum number of participants are nominated, students will be selected to participate based on the following criteria: 
    1. Major (ideally we would like to have a mix of accounting, finance, and information system majors). Students with declared double majors should clearly indicate such on the nomination form. Up to 18 students with a declared major other than accounting will be selected. 
    2. Service to BAP (in the event of multiple nominations from the same chapter- members will have priority over candidates; officers will have priority over regular members) 
    3. Grade point average 
    4. Statement of Interest 
    5. Number of students a chapter has nominated 
    6. Timeliness of nomination
    7. Regional allocation of students ultimately selected 
    8. Affirmative statement by the student of his/her ability to attend the annual meeting and be able to arrive in time for the opening kickoff session. Please note, this is a separate attachment and must be manually signed by the Chapter Faculty Advisor (FA).
  • Up to 10 students will be placed on a priority waitlist.                        

Nomination Process

To participate in PRWI, students must submit a completed nomination form, statement of interest, confidentiality agreement form, and affirmative statement of attendance at the Annual Meeting signed by the FA. Nominations will open in mid to late February 2016.  Students will be notified by the PRWI faculty coordinator as to whether or not they were selected no later than May 15, 2016. Students not selected will be notified at the same time. Any student placed on the waitlist will be notified of their priority on the waitlist. While we cannot guarantee a waitlisted student a position in the Project, students on the waitlist will need to notify the faculty coordinator their intent to participate in the Annual Meeting upon being advised of their waitlisted status. If the PRWI faculty coordinator does not hear back from the waitlisted student by the required time, the waitlisted student will be replaced by another unselected student. If anticipated attendance at the Annual Meeting is predicated on confirmed selection to the Project, it is only fair to other nominated students that the faculty coordinator is advised early so that another student can be added to the waitlist.

Students and chapter FAs MUST carefully consider a student’s availability prior to submitting a nomination.  A chapter may be subject to losing the ROA credit provided on nomination to PRWI if a selected student withdraws from the Project and if in the opinion of both the Executive Office and the PRWI faculty coordinator, the reason for withdrawal should have likely been known before nomination. 

General Process

Once the participating students are identified and notified of their participation, each will be assigned to one of the three cases but not the specific team. Participants will be notified via email which case they have been assigned. Case information relevant to the issues being presented for the NFPs will be posted to a secure, password protected website, and will be made available to the participants in early June.

Other Information

Students selected to participate in PRWI must arrive at the conference hotel by Wednesday August 3, 2016 at 5pm. This is non-negotiable, however, information will be provided to accepted students as to a small exception to this hard deadline.  A full dinner will be served to Project participants. Waitlisted students should plan on arriving to the Annual Meeting on August 3, 2016 as close to 5pm as well.  Waitlisted students will be provided dinner also. It is important to note that students participating in PRWI will not be required to attend Annual Community Service Day on the Thursday of the Annual Meeting but will be required to attend the kickoff plenary session.

The Project is a high intensity, highly compressed competition that is meant to provide participating students a totally unique experience. Reference should be made to the testimonials:   


For more information or questions please contact Bonnie Villarreal at